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Staff members at UiO: Management and Support Units (LOS) - Page 8

Persons 176 - 200 of 742
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Monika Johnsen Fjeld Fjeld, Monika Johnsen Higher Executive Officer +47 22858087
Picture of Peik Paul Fjeldstad Fjeldstad, Peik Paul Senior Adviser Counselling, Application management, SAPDFØ
Picture of Marianne Sinead Flesland Flesland, Marianne Sinead Senior Adviser +47 22858588 +47 40220552 Financial management, Project management, Process support, Process management
Picture of Petter Frøshaug Forbord Forbord, Petter Frøshaug Works Coordinator Security
Picture of Morten Werner Forsbring Forsbring, Morten Werner Section Manager +47 22852893 +47 90039290 virtualization, storage, datacenter, project leadership, Linux, network, high availability, loadbalancing, ipv6, dns, hostmaster
Picture of Håvard Fosseng Fosseng, Håvard Senioringeniør +47 22852524 +47 95412873 Web, Nettsider, Skripting, Programmering
Picture of Håvard Fosseng Fosseng, Håvard Senior Engineer +47 22852524 +47 95412873
Picture of Lene Fosshaug Fosshaug, Lene Senior Adviser +47 22857899 +47 22857899 Quality of education, Leadership development, Suitability assessment network
Picture of Margaret Louise Fotland Fotland, Margaret Louise Senior Adviser +47 22856037 Open Science, Documentation, Analysis, Cristin, Open Access, Research outputs, Research data, Bibliometrics, SciVal
Foyn, Pernille Halseth Executive Officer
Framaas, Jan Tore Works Coordinator Security
Picture of Britt Franklin Franklin, Britt Senior Adviser +47 22854491 +47 92028418 Projects, Financial management
Picture of Asle Fredriksen Fredriksen, Asle Works Coordinator +47 22859938 +47 99581660 Union official, Parat
Picture of Marius Frydenlund Frydenlund, Marius Head Engineer +47 92037624 Building engineering
Picture of Elise Koppang Frøjd Frøjd, Elise Koppang Senior Adviser
Picture of Pål Fugelli Fugelli, Pål Senior Engineer +47 22852965
Picture of Tor Fuglerud Fuglerud, Tor Head of Group +47 22852901
Picture of Kjell-Erik Furnes Furnes, Kjell-Erik Senior Engineer
Picture of Hallvard Breien Furuseth Furuseth, Hallvard Breien Senior Engineer +47 22852813
Picture of Sigrid Førland Førland, Sigrid Senior Executive Officer +47 22858169 Records management, Archives LOS, ePhorte, Mail room, Registry, Support, Counselling, Request for access to information, Courses
Picture of Eli Molven Gaard Gaard, Eli Molven Senior Executive Officer +47 22841037 Salary payments
Picture of Renathe Gangsøy Gangsøy, Renathe Senior Adviser Competence development, Leadership development, Project management, HR development, Organisational development
Picture of Are Leif Garnåsjordet Garnåsjordet, Are Leif Section Manager +47 22840184
Picture of Erlend Fedt Garåsen Garåsen, Erlend Fedt Senior Engineer +47 22840193 +47 91380968
Picture of Anne Marthe Gibbons Gibbons, Anne Marthe Senior Adviser +47 22841136 Quality of education, Leadership development