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Staff members at the Department of Education Services - Page 3

Persons 51 - 75 of 81
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Kirsti Margrethe Mortensen Mortensen, Kirsti Margrethe Adviser +47 22857834 +47 90571521 Regulations
Myrstad, Benjamin Skiaker Head Engineer +47 22844198
Picture of Francesco Nardone Nardone, Francesco Senior Engineer
Picture of Thao Elizabeth Nguyen Nguyen, Thao Elizabeth Adviser +47 22855551 Competence development, Counselling, Facilitation, Group mentoring scheme
Nilsson, Vibeke Higher Executive Officer +47 22856213 Admissions, Information centre
Picture of Solveig Blomstrøm Nordbø Nordbø, Solveig Blomstrøm Senior Executive Officer +47 22857717
Picture of Jord Nylenna Nylenna, Jord Senior Executive Officer +47 22841609
Olafsen, Nikolai Alexander Eikenes Senior Executive Officer +47 22857020 Information centre, Reception of students
Picture of Marthe Osmundsen Osmundsen, Marthe Senior Executive Officer +47 22854240 Studentmobilitet, Bilaterale avtaler (Norden/Kina/Nord-Amerika/Singapore/UK), Erasmus+
Paintsil, Selawose Alberta Senior Executive Officer +47 22858653 Admissions
Rongve, Bente Senior Executive Officer +47 22858272 Admissions, National Student Database
Rusten, Kjersti Adviser +47 22844820 Admissions, Regulations
Picture of Karen Skadsheim Sikkeland Sikkeland, Karen Skadsheim Senior Engineer +47 22858248 National Student Database (FS), Tableau, Statistics, Analysis, Research training, Project management
Simensen, Kristin Adviser +47 22857716 Admissions, Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Kristin Fossum Stene Stene, Kristin Fossum Head of Office +47 22855548 +47 92433392 Administrative management, Strategy
Sundnes, Jonny Roar Senior Adviser +47 22857198 Regulations, Quality assurance system, Programme descriptions, Joint degrees, Strategy
Picture of Petter Bogen Sydhagen Sydhagen, Petter Bogen Head Engineer +47 22856803 Examination, Plagiarism check, URKUND, Inspera, Canvas
Søreng, Tine Benedicte Adviser +47 22844371 Admissions
Picture of Brian Michel Talgo Talgo, Brian Michel Senior Executive Officer +47 22844377 Admissions
Picture of Ellen Marie Tefre Tefre, Ellen Marie Senior Adviser +47 22854450 +47 98047203 Learning environment
Picture of Petter Jørgensen Thorshaug Thorshaug, Petter Jørgensen Senior Executive Officer +47 22856268 Copyright clearance, Compendium
Picture of Sara Marie Ullerø Ullerø, Sara Marie Adviser - on leave
Ulstein, Silje Osnes Senior Executive Officer +47 22841137 Admissions
Picture of Tor Morten Vangen Vangen, Tor Morten Head Engineer +47 22857135 +47 90016693 Facilitation
Picture of Guri Vestad Vestad, Guri Senior Adviser +47 22858482 +47 99389621 International cooperation, International relations, Internationalization, Student mobility, Exchange