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Staff members at the Digital Services Office

Persons 1 - 24 of 24
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Alan Louis Belardinelli Belardinelli, Alan Louis Higher Executive Officer +47 22857763 Project management, Process improvement
Picture of Lars Bergseth-Hasle Bergseth-Hasle, Lars Senior Engineer +47 22857748 National Student Database, TP, Timetabling
Bjørnhaug, Helge J. Senior Engineer +47 22856299 National Student Database, Reporting, Statistics, Courses
Picture of Darrin Joseph Corbin Corbin, Darrin Joseph Head Engineer +47 22857075 Digital exam, Digital learning environment, Digital learning resources, Inspera, Canvas, LMS, Leganto
Picture of Matthew Davies Davies, Matthew Senior Executive Officer +47 22856197 National Student Database
Picture of Ingeborg Fauske Ekdahl Ekdahl, Ingeborg Fauske Head Engineer +47 22850407
Engdahl, Terje Senior Executive Officer +47 22844194
Picture of Frode Fagerbakk Fagerbakk, Frode Senior Adviser +47 22851591
Picture of Lena Charlotte Finseth Finseth, Lena Charlotte Senior Adviser +47 22854229 National Student Database, Student data, Regulations
Picture of Michael Schøyen Grude Grude, Michael Schøyen Head Engineer +47 22844148 National Student Database, TP, Timetabling, Ephorus
Picture of Kamilla Schau Holand Holand, Kamilla Schau Senior Executive Officer +47 22844195 +47 47359838
Picture of Hans Joar Johannessen Johannessen, Hans Joar Head Engineer +47 22856809 +47 95930722 +47-95930722 Examination, Inspera, Plagiarism check, URKUND
Picture of Anne-Lise Lande Lande, Anne-Lise Section Manager +47 22840798 +47 95233839
Picture of Pål Erik Megaard Megaard, Pål Erik Senior Engineer +47 22857922 National Student Database, TP, Timetabling, Reporting, Statistics
Myrstad, Benjamin Skiaker Head Engineer +47 22844198
Picture of Francesco Nardone Nardone, Francesco Senior Engineer
Picture of Solveig Blomstrøm Nordbø Nordbø, Solveig Blomstrøm Senior Executive Officer +47 22857717
Picture of Karen Skadsheim Sikkeland Sikkeland, Karen Skadsheim Senior Engineer +47 22858248 National Student Database, Tableau, Statistics, Analysis, Research training, Project management
Picture of Petter Bogen Sydhagen Sydhagen, Petter Bogen Head Engineer +47 22856803 Examination, Plagiarism check, URKUND, Inspera, Canvas
Picture of Jørg Walter Walter, Jørg Head Engineer +47 22859167
Wielgosz, Margrethe Senior Executive Officer +47 22857482 The National Student Database (FS), Purchasing, Office support
Picture of Simon Wolff Wolff, Simon Head Engineer +47 22855144 +47 90091796
Øvstetun, Marte Head Engineer +47 22857923
Picture of Anette Øygarden Øygarden, Anette Senior Executive Officer +47 22857720