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Staff members at the Educational Quality Office

Persons 1 - 25 of 25
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aleksandersen, Arve Adviser +47 22856187
Picture of Finn Ragnar Berger Berger, Finn Ragnar Senior Executive Officer +47 22856205 Appeals Committee at UiO, Regulations
Picture of Anne Margrete Bergfall Bergfall, Anne Margrete Senior Adviser +47 22857925 +47 91583104 Learning environment
Picture of Kjersti Bogen Bogen, Kjersti Senior Executive Officer +47 22854943
Picture of Birgitte Brørs Brørs, Birgitte Senior advisor +47 22841117 Admissions, Regulations, Web publishing, Appeals
Picture of Mette Torp Christensen Christensen, Mette Torp Senior Adviser +47 22856714
Engeset, Bjørn Lawyer +47 22845917
Picture of Tine Tång Engvik Engvik, Tine Tång Adviser +47 22858410 International cooperation, Student mobility, NORHED, NORPART, Global South
Picture of Lene Fosshaug Fosshaug, Lene Senior Adviser +47 22857899 Quality of education, Leadership development, Suitability assessment network
Picture of Anne Marthe Nilsen Gibbons Gibbons, Anne Marthe Nilsen Senior Adviser +47 22841136 Quality of education, Leadership development
Grude, Anne Grete On leave Quality assurance system, Committee for Student Affairs, Organized research training (doctoral porgramme)
Picture of Tone Sindre Hoff Hoff, Tone Sindre Senior Executive Officer +47 22857620 Erasmus+, International cooperation, Student mobility
Picture of Helene Johansen Johansen, Helene Adviser +47 22856207 International Cooperation, Erasmus+, Exchange, Mobility, Joint Degrees, The National Student Database (FS), Web publishing, Tableau
Picture of Einar Meier Meier, Einar Senior Adviser +47 22857889 +4792681114 International cooperation, Erasmus+, Strategy, Management support, Project management
Picture of Kirsti Margrethe Mortensen Mortensen, Kirsti Margrethe Adviser +47 22857834 +47 90571521 Regulations
Picture of Thao Elizabeth Nguyen Nguyen, Thao Elizabeth Adviser +47 22855551 Competence development, Counselling, Facilitation, Group mentoring scheme
Picture of Marthe Osmundsen Osmundsen, Marthe Senior Executive Officer +47 22854240 Studentmobilitet, Bilaterale avtaler (Norden/Kina/Nord-Amerika/Singapore/UK), Erasmus+
Picture of Kristin Fossum Stene Stene, Kristin Fossum Head of Office +47 22855548 +47 92433392 Administrative management, Strategy
Sundnes, Jonny Roar Senior Adviser +47 22857198 Regulations, Quality assurance system, Programme descriptions, Joint degrees, Strategy
Picture of Ellen Marie Tefre Tefre, Ellen Marie Senior Adviser +47 22854450 +47 98047203 Learning environment
Picture of Petter Jørgensen Thorshaug Thorshaug, Petter Jørgensen Senior Executive Officer +47 22856268 Copyright clearance, Compendium
Picture of Sara Marie Ullerø Ullerø, Sara Marie Adviser +47 22858497 Erasmus+, International cooperation, International relations, Student mobility, External funding
Picture of Tor Morten Vangen Vangen, Tor Morten Head Engineer +47 22857135 +47 90016693 Facilitation
Picture of Guri Vestad Vestad, Guri Senior Adviser +47 22858482 +47 99389621 International cooperation, International relations, Internationalization, Student mobility, Exchange
Picture of Silje Winther Winther, Silje Senior Adviser +47 22841167 Admissions, Recruitment of students