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Staff members at the Educational Quality Office

Persons 1 - 25 of 25
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aleksandersen, Arve Adviser +47-22856187
Picture of Finn Ragnar Berger Berger, Finn Ragnar Senior Executive Officer +47-22856205 Appeals Committee at UiO, Regulations
Picture of Anne Margrete Bergfall Bergfall, Anne Margrete Senior Adviser +47-22857925 Learning environment
Bogen, Kjersti Senior Executive Officer +47-22854943
Picture of Mette Torp Christensen Christensen, Mette Torp Senior Adviser +47-22856714
Engeset, Bjørn Lawyer +47-22845917
Engvik, Tine Tång Adviser +47-22858410 International cooperation, Student mobility
Picture of Lene Fosshaug Fosshaug, Lene Senior Adviser +47-22857899 Strategy, Quality of education, Learning Environment Committee
Picture of Anne Marthe Nilsen Gibbons Gibbons, Anne Marthe Nilsen Senior Adviser +47-22841136 Quality of education, Leadership development
Grude, Anne Grete Adviser +47-22857681 Quality assurance system, Committee for Student Affairs, Organized research training (doctoral porgramme)
Picture of Tone Sindre Hoff Hoff, Tone Sindre Senior Executive Officer +47-22857620 Erasmus+, International cooperation, Student mobility
Picture of Helene Johansen Johansen, Helene Senior Executive Officer +47-22856207 International Cooperation, Erasmus+, Exchange, Mobility, Joint Degrees, The National Student Database (FS), Web publishing
Picture of Anette Løken Løken, Anette Senior Adviser +47-22854339 International cooperation, International Relations, Mobility, Student Exchange
Picture of Kirsti Margrethe Mortensen Mortensen, Kirsti Margrethe Adviser +47-22857834 +47-90571521 Regulations
Nguyen, Thao Elizabeth Adviser +47-22855551 Competence development, Counselling, Facilitation, Group mentoring scheme
Pajer, Pavla Higher Executive Officer +47-22858213 Exchange
Picture of Thea Ullhaug Pope Pope, Thea Ullhaug Adviser +47-22857420 Erasmus+, International cooperation, International relations, Student mobility, External funding
Picture of Kristin Fossum Stene Stene, Kristin Fossum Head of Office +47-22855548 +47-92433392 Administrative management, Strategy
Sundnes, Jonny Roar Senior Adviser +47-22857198 Regulations, Quality assurance system, Programme descriptions, Joint degrees, Strategy
Picture of Ellen Marie Tefre Tefre, Ellen Marie Senior Adviser +47-22854450 +47-98047203 Learning environment
Picture of Petter Jørgensen Thorshaug Thorshaug, Petter Jørgensen Senior Executive Officer +47-22856268 Copyright clearance, Compendium
Picture of Sara Marie Ullerø Ullerø, Sara Marie Adviser - on leave
Picture of Tor Morten Vangen Vangen, Tor Morten Head Engineer +47-22857135 +47-90016693 Facilitation
Picture of Guri Vestad Vestad, Guri Senior Adviser +47-22858482 +47-99389621 International cooperation, International relations, Internationalization, Student mobility, Exchange
Picture of Silje Winther Winther, Silje Senior Adviser +47-22841167 Admissions, Recruitment of students