Nordic Sounds: Critical Music Research Group

The research group aims to establish interfaculty and inter-departmental collaboration on issues dealing with music, sound, subjectivity, national and Nordic identity, culture, and social systems.

Facts about the project

  • Engages with Nordic music research across all genres, including contemporary, classical, folk, jazz, black metal, hip hop, rap, rock and pop.
  • Examines the recent trends and developments in music within a Nordic geopolitical context from a broad musicological perspective.
  • Strives towards establishing knowledge on Nordic music within an international context.
  • Instigates collaborations within the University of Oslo’s strategic research area UiO:Norden.
  • Brings together researchers in Nordic music studies from within and outside the Department of Musicology.

Project topics

Amongst the projects already in operation and funded are the following topics:

  • Nordic film
  • Opera
  • Music videos
  • Queerness
  • Kitsch
  • Camp in a Scandinavian context
  • National and Nordic identity
  • Xenophobia in popular song
  • Sámi joik
  • Music in contemporary Iceland
  • Popular music in Nordic places of detention
  • Audiovisual aesthetics in a Nordic spotlight
  • Contemporary Scandinavian art music
  • Norwegian black metal and discourses of darkness
  • Cosmopolitanism and Nordic ‘cool’ in urban contexts
  • Popular music in Nordic places of detention
  • Nationalism and concepts of Norseness
  • Music ecology in Nordic space and place

Study initiatives

This research group is also engaged with establishing new teaching modules for students at the University of Oslo, as well as a new international Master degree in Nordic Music.

Nordic Sounds Gallery


Nordic Sounds profiled for Queer Perspectives @ UiO, June 2017

In celebration of Oslo Pride 2017: Fearless Knowledge 23 Juni – 2 July, 2017, Nordic Sounds research group is proud to be affiliated with Queer Perspectives at UiO.  
Queer Perspectives highlight the work of Professor Stan Hawkins, and his project Popular Music & Gender in a Transcultural Context. Professor Hawkins has published the book Queerness in Pop Music – Aesthetics, Gender Norms, and Temporality (Routledge, 2016). The book is available to loan at the University of Oslo Library.
PhD candidate Kai Arne Hansen is affiliated with this research group through the project «Fashioning Pop Personae: Gender, Personal Narrativity, and Media Convergence in 21st Century Pop Music».

In June, a new exhibition Gay Clubbing opens in the museum's red zone about «nightlife», culture and life related to bars, clubs and other venues for lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people. Queer nightlife is the result of a collaborative project between Queer Archives (Skeivt arkiv) at the University Library in Bergen, Kunstplass 10 and the Museum of Cultural History. The exhibition opens in conjunction with Oslo Pride in June 2017 and is displayed in the Historical Museum from 23 June to 27 August, 2017.

Click here for more details about Oslo Pride 2017.

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