Nordic Sounds: Critical Music Research Group

The research group aims to establish interfaculty and inter-departmental collaboration on issues dealing with music, sound, subjectivity, national and Nordic identity, culture, and social systems.

Facts about the project

  • Engages with Nordic music research across all genres, including contemporary, classical, folk, jazz, black metal, hip hop, rap, rock and pop.
  • Examines the recent trends and developments in music within a Nordic geopolitical context from a broad musicological perspective.
  • Strives towards establishing knowledge on Nordic music within an international context.
  • Instigates collaborations within the University of Oslo’s strategic research area UiO:Norden.
  • Brings together researchers in Nordic music studies from within and outside the Department of Musicology.

Project topics

Amongst the projects already in operation and funded are the following topics:

  • Nordic film
  • Opera
  • Music videos
  • Queerness
  • Kitsch
  • Camp in a Scandinavian context
  • National and Nordic identity
  • Xenophobia in popular song
  • Sámi joik
  • Music in contemporary Iceland
  • Popular music in Nordic places of detention
  • Audiovisual aesthetics in a Nordic spotlight
  • Contemporary Scandinavian art music
  • Norwegian black metal and discourses of darkness
  • Cosmopolitanism and Nordic ‘cool’ in urban contexts
  • Popular music in Nordic places of detention
  • Nationalism and concepts of Norseness
  • Music ecology in Nordic space and place

Study initiatives

This research group is also engaged with establishing new teaching modules for students at the University of Oslo, as well as a new international Master degree in Nordic Music.


Nordic Study Day 11 October  2019





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