The innovation programme SPARK Norway: Get inspired and apply

SPARK Norway is UiO:Life Science’s innovation programme for health-related life sciences. Meet three of the SPARKees and get inspired to apply.

Meet Simone Mester, Gunnveig Grødeland and Jean-Luc Boulland – researchers at the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital who have been project leaders for SPARK Norway projects for almost a year.

Simone Mester: Antibodies with long half-life give more efficient drugs   

Gunnveig Grødeland: Influenza vaccine that can be rapidly produced to counter an emerging pandemic threat

Jean-Luc Boulland: Restoration of a functional urinary bladder using cutting-edge technology

About SPARK Norway 

  • a two-year innovation programme to further develop ideas within health-related life sciences for the benefit of patients and society
  • the aim is to get more innovation out of basic research
  • researchers from UiO and affiliated research groups at OUS or Ahus can apply UiO:Life Science to be admitted through annual calls
  • researchers who are admitted receives mentoring from seasoned experts from academia, hospital, industry and venture capital funds, milestone-based funding, guidance and education
  • established and funded by UiO:Life Science in 2017
  • based on the prestigious Stanford SPARK programme

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SPARK Norway is led by UiO:Life Science and supported by UiO's top management, Inven2 and OUS. Representatives from the clusters Oslo Cancer Cluster, The Life Science Cluster, Nansen Neuroscience Network, Norwegian Inflammation Network and Norway Health Tech as well as ShareLab, the Association of Pharmaceutical Industry in Norway (LMI) and The Norwegian Medicines Agency are members of the SPARK Norway management team.

Published Oct. 17, 2018 12:15 PM - Last modified Aug. 27, 2019 10:38 AM