Support for the development of courses in life sciences

UiO:Life Science does not offer its own courses or study programs in life sciences, but wants to contribute to providing the students with the best possible educational programs. Departments and faculties can now apply for support to develop interdisciplinary bachelor courses in life sciences. The application deadline is 1 April.


UiO:Life Sciences promotes interdisciplinarity in life sciences in many ways. One ambition is to contribute to giving students across UiO access to the widest possible range of courses, an opportunity that can be used to build more interdisciplinary bachelor degrees and gain broader fields of competence. This strategy is warranted by the future demand for a highly skilled workforce that can handle and solve the increasingly complex and multifaceted challenges the modern society is facing.

Apply before 1 April - get up to NOK 300.000 in support

The purpose of the call is to stimulate the revision of existing or the creation of new life science-oriented courses. These course must be adapted to an interdisciplinary student group and be made available to bachelor students from all faculties. The funding scheme involves support of up to NOK 300.000 over one to three years to develop the course. Read more and apply for support.

Published Mar. 11, 2021 2:17 PM - Last modified Mar. 11, 2021 2:17 PM