Darwin Day 2020: Sequencing life – for the future of life

This year's Darwin Day event covers a moonshot for biology: Resolving all genomes on earth within a decade! Speakers: Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, Guojie Zhang, Maren Wellenreuther, and Tom Gilbert.

The event is held in English. No registration required

Visit the Darwin Day web page at CEES for more information.


Opening remarks
Kjetill S. Jakobsen, Chair of CEES (Homepage)

Understanding genome evolution and disease using 240 mammals
Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, Uppsala University & Life Laboratory Uppsala & Broad Institute (Homepage)

Biodiversity genomic sequencing reveals animal macroevolutionary process
Guojie Zhang, University of Copenhagen, and China National GeneBank (Homepage)


Harnessing the power of genomics to secure a sustainable future
Maren Wellenreuther, The university of Auckland, New Zealand. (Homepage)

Life through the Hologenomic window
Tom Gilbert, Copenhagen University and Natural History Museum of Denmark. (Homepage)

Abstracts and more information.

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