People involved in AnthroTox


P.Wenzel Geissler (Social Anthropology)
Katrine Borgå (Biosciences)

Other members of UiO Project team

Knut Breivik (Chemistry)
Susanne Bauer (Technology, Innovation and Culture)
Ruth Prince (Health and Society)
Rolf David Vogt (Chemistry)

PhD students

Franziska Klaas (Social Anthropology)
Christian Medaas (Social Anthropology)
Samwel Moses Ntapanta (Social Anthropology)
Signe Mikkelsen (Social Anthropology)
Ane Haarr (Toxicology)
Maja Nipen (Chemistry)

Affiliated PhD students

Konstantin Biehl (Social Anthropology)
Miriam Waltz (Social Anthropology)


Aviti John Mmochi (Dar es Salaam)
Peter Mangesho (National Institute for Medical Research)
Anders Ruus (Oslo)
Martin Schlabach (Norwegian Institute for Air Research)
Jan Ludwig Lyche (Norwegian University of Biosciences)


Anders Bignert (Stockholm)
Kim Fortun (University of California, Irvine)
Geir Wing Gabrielsen (Norwegian Polar Institute)
Penny Harvey (Manchester)
Karen Kidd (New Brunswick)
Gregg Mitman (Wisconsin-Madison)
Anushhka Polder (Norwegian University of Biosciences)
Nick Shapiro (University of California, LA)
Noemi Tousignant (University of Montreal/UCL)
Christina Tolfsen (Norwegian Environmental Agency)
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