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Estate Services

Report damages, defects and needs

Report needs related to cleaning, outdoor space, waste, internal relocation, courier services or other daily maintenance work.

Report damages, defects and needs

Mail and internal moving

Mail delivery, courier services, moving small and large items.

Furniture and equipment

Furniture, fixtures, kitchenettes, scientific equipment.

Lost and found

Forgotten, lost and found items.

Outdoor space and bicycle parking

Bicycle parking and parks.

Waste and cleaning

Recycling, waste management, hazardous waste, cleaning routines.


Accidents, people locked in, lifts out of order, power outages, major water leaks.

Repairs and improvements

Indoor climate, light sources and other damages to fixtures and buildings.

Access, security and safety

Keys and access cards, opening hours, alarms, emergency numbers, theft and burglary.


Telephone: 22 84 41 11


Visiting address: Lucy Smiths hus, 7th floor
Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 -15:00