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User's Guide to Nettskjema

Brief User's Guide to Nettskjema (Online Forms) at UiO, including Quick Start and Terms of Service.

What is Nettskjema?

It is a tool for designing and managing data collection using forms on the web. It is available at Log on with your UiO user name and password. All UiO users can use the service to design and manage their own data collection.

How to answer/reply on a form

In order to answer on a form, you would typically go through a link on a website or an invitation received by e-mail. If the form requires login, use your regular University username and password. If you do not have a UiO account, you should get a temporary password in the email invitation to the form. Your username will be your e-mail address.

General steps to answer on a form are as follows:

  1. Go to the respective form you wish to fill out (e.g., by clicking on a given link in an e-mail or a Web page).
  2. Login if required.
  3. Answer the form by filling in the various fields.
  4. Submit your answers by clicking on "Send" at the bottom of the page.

View previous invitations and submissions

Your invitations and earlier form-submissions can be found by going to the front page of the Web Form Service. Then select "My invitations and submissions."

Create and manage forms

These are the steps to create a new form:

  1. Sign in to Online Form Service with your UiO username and password
  2. Click on "Create new form".
  3. In the dialog that appears, enter an appropriate name (eg. Evaluation of the Bachelor Course), select language for the form and who are allowed to answer. Then press the button "Create".
  4. Build the form. You add desired fields in the form (headings, text, questions, check boxes, etc.) by clicking on menu items to the left of the window. To move form-items up / down, select the first item with the mouse and drag / drop to move.
  5. Finish by clicking "Save" or "Save and view". You will now get an overview (preview as users will see it) of the form.
  6. Adjust the form as you wish by accessing the "Form settings".  
  7. Finally, go to the tab "Collect responses." Please note; in order to be able to send invitations and collect responses, you first have to open the form. To do so, press the “Open” button.
    • When the form is opened, the web address (URL) will appear on the “Collect responses” page. If you wish to add a link to the form on a web-page, this is the address you use.
    • For forms that are open to everyone, a field with a code snippet will appear. This can be used to add (embed) the form on a University website.
    • If the form is only intended for invited responders, you can now push the button "Proceed to invitations." Enter the e-mail addresses or UiO username in the field that appears (one for each line). Press the link "Change text invitation" to enter a distinctive invitation text. This will appear in the invitation e-mail message.

Copying a previously used form

If you need a form that is very similar to the one you already have, you can copy the form, rename it and possibly change some settings. Select "View My Forms" from the main menu. Locate the form you wish to copy, press the "Copy"-button. A new (copied) form will then be generated, with the same name as the original and the word "copy" appended at the end. Give it a new name if needed via the "Change title -button.

Invitations and reminders

If you want to send out invitations to a form, select the "Collect responses” tab and press the button "Proceed to invitations." Enter the e-mail addresses or UiO usernames (one address per line) to the respective invitees. Click on "Send invitation" after typing in the address of those who will receive an invitation. Invitations are sent after a maximum of 5 minutes. If you wish to send a prompt to invitees who have not yet answered, you can send out a reminder. Reminders go to all invitees that have not delivered (at least one) answer. After the invitation is sent, a button called "Send reminder" will be visible and a list of invited users.

About the password

Sign in with your normal UiO username and password, whether you're responding to a form or administrating one. If you are not a UiO user, you should have received a password along with your invitation. If you have not got the password along with your invitation, you can request one by clicking "Get new Password" in the left margin. Note that the address you want to have your password sent to must be the same as the one you received the invitation.

Norwegian or English text

The service is available in both Norwegian and English. You select language at the top right of the screen.

See results, export and investigate the data

Owner of a form can display and export the collected data in different formats. To view and / or export data, go to the appropriate form and click the "See results"-tab. Select the format you wish to view or export the data in from the list by clicking on the desired option. For a simple summary of the results, click the "See Report”.

Long-term storage of data

Please note that the Online Form Service is not designed for long term storage of data. When data collection is completed, it is generally good practice to download (export raw data) and store it at an appropriate location. For most of UiO-users, the home directory (M :) will be a suitable place to store the results. For surveys that collect and process personal data, it is important that privacy concerns are addressed and treated in accordance with current regulations relating to the processing of personal data (consult the Data Inspectorate)

NOTE: Please remember to keep your collection of forms limited to the ones that are active or seen as directly useful. Delete collected data and outdated forms that you no longer use. The service is not intended for long term storage of data.

Terms of service

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