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Forms storing personal data

Forms set up to include personal data will only store data you enter with a few exceptions mentioned below.

Information logged and made available to the owner of the form

Information about the respondent

  • When logged in via link in e-mail invitation, the respondent's e-mail address is stored in the submission
  • When logged in with ID-porten level 3 ("MinId") or 4 ("BankID"), the answer stores
    • the National ID number for the respondent
  • When submitting an answer to a form open to anybody,  the respondent's e-mail will be stored if it is provided on the receipt page to enable sending of a receipt to the respondent.
    • If a form open for anybody submits data to TSD, the email address from an e-mail receipt, if provided by the user, will be available to the form owner on the Nettskjema page, but it will not be available in the TSD project. This is because submitted data is encrypted and passed to TSD on submission before the user may provide an email address on the receipt page.
      • Receipt sent to the respondent on delivery to TSD, will always just be a confirmation on the submission, and never contain any data from the actual submission.

Time of submission

  • Timestamp (date and time) of initial submission
    • Timestamp of last change, given that the form allows answers to be modified.


Old forms with personal data, will automatically be cleaned. Read more about how UiO make sure that Nettskjema do not store unnecessary personal data.

Read more about personal information in the Annotated edition of Data protection regulations and terms of use for Nettskjema.

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