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UiO Program kiosk

Application kiosk gives you access to your home area and a large amount of programs without having to install the programs on the machine you are using.

What it is

The program kiosk is available to all students and staff at UiO, from Windows, OS X and Linux. By logging in you get access to programs like;

  • MatLab, STATA, R
  • Adobe Photoshop, InDesign etc.
  • Visio
  • Internet Explorer on the UiO web, the Office suite and other administrative programs

We recommend using VMWare to access programkiosk 

The connection to programkiosk is more stable when using VMWare. If you are planning to use programkiosk for longer periods of time we recommend using it with VMWare.  
If you are unable to download VMWare you can use the webversion of programkiosk.  

Getting started

Help and guidance


10.01.2020 - Adobe Acrobat is moved under "Kontor Fullskjerm/office fullscreen". 

Who do i contact?

 Need help, but you are unsure of who to contact?