DNS at the UiO – Domain Name System

DNS stands for Domain Name System and is a way to provide IP addresses with "names" so you can see which name belongs to an IP address and vice versa, it works a bit like a telephone directory.

At UiO, we have three DNS servers which client machines use, these are:

  • (nissen.uio.no)
  • (huldra.uio.no)
  • (dvergen.uio.no)

These servers also have IPv6::

  • 2001:700:100:2::3 (nissen.uio.no)
  • 2001:700:100:2::27 (huldra.uio.no)
  • 2001:700:100:425::40 (dvergen.uio.no)

Plese note that you must use the IP address of the DNS servers since you cannot look up names until you has a DNS server. We recommend using the DNS servers above.

Order a change in DNS

If you need to order a change in DNS, plase send an e-mail to usit-hostmaster@usit.uio.no.