How to configure wired 802.1X for Mac OSX 10.5.

Open systemvalg/system preferences.



Choose nettverk/network


Select ethernet and the press the avansert/advanced button

TCP/IP shall be configured to use DHCP.


Click on the tab "801.1X"


Select domene/domain user/bruker


Click on the plus sign and add a profile. Select "uio" as profile name.



Select PEAP (and optionally TTLS) as authentication options.

If you enter your user name and password you will not asked about this the next time you connect. Press Ok.

You're not back to the previous options and you may click the koble til/connect button.

You're now asked to verify the certificate.

Choose "show certificate"

If you click "continue" you'll have to verify the certificate each time you connect.



(The certificate is issued to, or


Select "always trust" as pictured.


You'll have to enter your administrator user name and password.


If you open systemvalg/system preferences you can verify that you're connected:



The IP address should start with 193.157. DNS servers should be and

Published Aug. 8, 2011 1:19 PM