How to configure wired 802.1X for Mac OSX 10.6.3

Open System Preferences.

Open Network under Network & Wireless

Click on Advanced and we get to TCP/IP settings. Make sure the option Configure IPv4 is set to Using DHCP:

Choose the DNS tab and make sure there are nothing there. Remove them with the - button on the bottom.

Choose the 802.1X tab and add a new user profile using the + button on the bottom left:

Then enter your username  in the User Name field. You can choose if you want the computer to remember your password or Always prompt for password if the box is checked.

The TTLS and PEAP should be checked.

Then choose the Proxies tab. We do not use proxy, so all should be unchecked.

Click the OK button on the bottom right, and you are back at the first window. Connect your ethernet cable to the wall outlet if it is disconnected. Now click the Connect button and you should get a window asking you to Verify Certificate. Click on the Continue button. You can check the certificate with Show Sertificate if you like.

It should be , or and may change.

Clicking on Continue and a window pops up asking you to type your local password to update your Certificate Trust Settings. This is not your UiO username!

Click OK and a new window pops up: Authenticating to 802.1X network.  Use your UiO username here.

A few moments later your network window would look like this:

You are now connected to the network.

Published Aug. 8, 2011 1:20 PM