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G Suite available at UiO

Many already use Google's products for interaction, sharing and co-writing from their private accounts. Now, G Suite for Education is also available for all UiO users.

G Suite at UiO offers apps like Google Drive (with unlimited storage), Sheets, Docs, Slides, Forms and Hangouts.

G Suite – for who?

All students and employees at UiO can get a G Suite account. The service is free, but requires consent from the individual users. This is easily done on this web page.

G Suite should not replace prefered services for data storage at UiO, but is an offer for those who prefer Google's products and have defined Google as the interaction platform for their project.

Why G Suite at UiO?

The fact that a data processing agreement has now been put in place between Google and UiO, allows those who need storage and sharing in Google to do so in accordance with the privacy laws.

In G Suite at UiO you can store both green (open) and yellow (restricted) data.

NB! If you are using Google through your private account you can only store green data.

Read more about what you can store in G Suite here.

Possibilities in G Suite

You can easily have both a private Google account and a G Suite at UiO account side by side. These accounts can be used with both PC's, Mac's and on your mobile devices. 

A G Suite at UiO account is only offered to UiO students and employees, but there are no limitations as to what you can share with users that does not have a UiO account. But remember that the safety of the information is your responsibility. Always follow the data storage guide.

If you are working in teams, we recommend you make your own Team Drive. The Team Drive allows the whole team to own the content and is not deleted if one of the team members quit. This allows the whole team equal access.

Limitations in G Suite

There are some limitations to how you can use G Suite at UiO compared to how you can use Google's products through your private account. One of these limitations are that the e-mail and calendar services is not one of the products offered. This is because Exchange (Outlook) is the prefered service for e-mail and calendar at UiO.

You may also experience other differences between G Suite at UiO and your private account. This may be due to differences in the security settings that the UiO account has or relationships between those programs that are not available from your UiO G Suite account.

Read more about G Suite at UiO on our web site.

Published Jan. 16, 2019 8:22 AM - Last modified Oct. 10, 2019 3:42 PM