Free Microsoft Office for students and faculty/staff

As a student or employee at the UiO, you have free access to Office 365 and download of the Office applications to your computer, phone and other devices.

You're welcome!

Easy access. Log in with your regular UiO username and password, and use OneDrive and Office applications online, or download the application to up to 5 devices. The first time you log in, go to the UiO Office 365 web site, and afterwards you can log in from or other points of entry.

Versatile, useful and ready for collaboration

With OneDrive, you have your own disk on the Internet. You can access it from anywhere and use it to share documents or folders with others. You choose whether a document or folder should be available only for you, for other individuals or for anyone who has link to the content. You also provide settings for whether others with access should only be able to read or also be able to write in documents. This makes it easy to share and collaborate, and you have easy access to all the stuff you are working on.

Ready to use with Canvas

This autumn term, the UiO switches learning platforms, and now Canvas will be used in almost all teaching. Office 365 is ready for use with Canvas, so teachers can now share documents from OneDrive with students through Canvas, and students can cooperate on collaborative projects and submit papers directly from OneDrive.

Simpler than before

Previously, UiO had a solution where users had to consent to terms of use and wait for approval of the consent. Now the UiO terms are harmonized with Microsoft's terms, so the consent solution has been removed. Now, you can just sign in and start using OneDrive and the Office applications.

The “small print”

  • Persons with status as "affiliated/tilknyttet" to UiO can use OneDrive and the Office applications online, but do not have license to download the Office applications.
  • You can not save all types of information to OneDrive, only information in classes Green - Open and Yellow - Limited.
  • You lose access to OneDrive and downloaded applications when you leave the UiO. Move what you want to take with you of before you leave. NOTE: This applies to both employees and students.
  • Please download Office 365 from Office 365 to private computers and devices, but not to UiO maintained computers. UiO maintained computers receive applications and updates through the UiO maintenance system.
Published July 26, 2018 1:27 PM - Last modified Oct. 10, 2019 3:44 PM