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Printing at UiO

UiO is using Safecom pullprint for all the printers with a card reader and pushprint for all the printers without a card reader. Read more about operations, procurement and prices.

Who do I contact?

Do you need help from someone, but do not know who?

I want to print

Find out if the printer has a card reader or not, and get started.

Where can I print?

There are a lot of printers at UiO. Find our more about how to find one to use.

I need to pay for prints

All students need to pay for their prints. Fill up your printing account.

Why is my document not printing?

Find the cause and solve the problem.

Print on printer with card reader

Before you can use such a printer, you need to pick the printer queue and register your card. After this has been completed, you can print your documents, upon which you can release the print by placing your card on the card reader

Print on printer without card reader

Some printers have not gotten a card reader yet, but is still using a new printing system. Before you can use a printer on a new system for the first time, you need to pick the printer queue. 

Pay for prints, delete prints, register a new card

The printing service at UiO have a self-service portal where you pay for prints, delete prints and register a new card.