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Information security for educators

Your responsibility

The most important thing to remember is that you must store and process files and data the correct place. It is not enough to have a secure copy of your files somewhere. You must also be sure that all processing of personal data is done on approved equipment. This is done in three steps:

  1. Answer the question: What type of information, files and data do you usually process?
  2. Find out what information class applies to this information. See examples below.
  3. Look up the data storage guide and follow the rules.

If you need to use a cloud service that is not a part of the regular UiO, USIT or LINK portfolio, please contact USIT or LINK.

Your responsibility for your students use of storage

  • familiarize yourself with the information classification and the data storage guide and know what categories of data you use in your course, and what categories the students will process as part of the course.
  • be aware of where your students store and process data. Explain the difference between storing and processing.
  • ensure that all different storage services, web services and cloud servies used in your course is approved and have the necessary agreements in place.
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