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How to store yellow data on your private computer

Not all UiO-related data may be stored on your private computer. You may NOT store red data, and NOT store black data.

Yellow data, i.e. «restricted», may be stored if the computer and the way you use it meets certain demands.

You may keep yellow data on a private computer if:

1. ...we are talking about small amounts of yellow data

You may only store the data you are currently actively working on, and not keep larger amounts of data for a long period of time.

2. do not synchronize a lot of yellow data automatically

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This means that you may not synchronize large folders of data, neither automatically or regularly. Only the data you need, may be kept locally on your computer. This is an assessment you as a student or employee must make. The university does not want its data to end up in the wrong hands, and we must all do our part to limit the damage in case it happens anyway.

3. ...the data may only be used by you

Other people using the computer must not have access to the data. Friends and family who borrow it, must have their own separate user accounts.

4. ...your computer is properly protected

  1. Automatic security patching must be enabled.
  2. You must use an automatic locking screensaver, to make sure others cannot use the computer if yo leave it while still logged in.
  3. The passwords for yourself and administrative accounts must be good, and need to be changed regularly.
  4. We recommend that the harddrive is encrypted, and that you make a habit of switching it off completely when you transport it or travel. Modern computers have good and easy ways of doing this.

5. use the computer in a safe way

  1. Be careful and skeptic to links in e-mail and on unknown websites.
  2. Show caution when considering use of unknown wireless networks, especially when abroad.
  3. Be familiar with your computer and the way it usually behaves. Know what programs and applications you have installed.
  4. Don't install more programs and applications than you need.
  5. Know which programs that are prone to copy files and folders to various private cloud services or backup services. Make sure that folders containing UiO data do not end up on the servers of Adobe, Google Music, Apple or the backup solution from Canal Digital.
By Ståle Askerød Johansen
Published Oct. 9, 2018 2:53 PM - Last modified Feb. 7, 2020 5:12 PM