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Home directory – personal file storage for staff and students

What is a home directory?

Your home directory is your personal storage area at the UiO. It is used, among other things, for personal files and setup files for various software. Your home directory should not be used for storing documents that should be accessible to others. Documents that should be available to others can be placed on shared volumes, areas on the UiO website, or on OneDrive / Google Drive or another site approved for storage of the type of data the document contains.


The amount of space available in your home directory is limited in terms of a quota. These quotas can be extended if there is justification for professional needs. Contact local IT if you need a larger home area.

Getting started

All staff, members of faculty and students at UiO have a home directory. On an office computer, the home directory is M :.

What can I store in my Home directory?

Help and guides

Who do I contact?

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