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User name, password and user administration

I do not have a user name or password

Get your username or password using our password services.

Change password

You need to change your password at least once per year. Go to password services, or read the guide to changing password.

I am not able to log in

Overview of the most common log in issues and possible solutions.

Rules for Use of IT Services at the UiO

All users at the University of Oslo are required to read the Rules for Use of IT Services.

Feide with the ID-porten

UiO is participating in a pilot for Feide login with the ID-porten. You can select "Logg inn med ID-porten" instead of entering a UiO username and password when logging in to a service that uses the Feide.


    Who do I contact?

    Do you have questions you don't find answers to here?