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WebID – logon access to UiO external users

What is WebID?


WebID is a tool for simple collaboration between Feide and UiO users and external persons. In WebID, anyone can create his or her own user account which gives access to web services that support WebID.

The service is available at

WebID works like this:

  1. A Feide or UiO user invites an external person to join a WebID group by entering his or her e-mail address in WebID.
  2. The person accepts the invitation and creates a WebID user.
  3. The WebID user now has access to the internet services which use the stated WebID group. Exactly what the WebID access group gives access to is set each individual service.

Feide and UiO users can log on to WebID and create their own WebID groups to be used in other services. Note that persons who already have a Feide or UiO user do not need to create a WebID user.

Getting started

Can ce used by students, staff and UiO-external users.

  • Log on with a Feide or UiO usesr


  • Make a WebID-user.

Implement WebID?

Do you want to use WebID to let users access your service?


Who do I contact?

Do you need help, but feel uncertain about where to direct your inquiry?