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What happens to my files and e-mails if I leave UiO or take a break from my studies?

The access to the UiO IT services is limited to the amount of time you are a student or employee here. We recommend transfering all files and important e-mails to your own computer when you are done at UiO. 

I am quitting UiO or taking a break from my studies

Your general IT access (including the home disk (M:) and e-mail) will be blocked when you are no longer an active student at UiO. Because there are sometimes a need for access to certain services after you have finished your studies, you will keep your access for a little while after you are officially done. You will get an e-mail warning a month before your access is blocked.

A suspended/blocked account means that:

  • you will no longer be able to log in on UiO computers using your user name and password.
  • you lose the access to the home disk (M:) and the documents saved there.
  • you lose access to the UiO e-mail system, and therefore also e-mail saved there. If you want to still receive e-mails that is being sent to your UiO e-mail address, you can set up forwarding of the e-mail via Brukerinfo before your access is blocked. The forwarding will work for 180 days after your account is shut down.
  • you will lose access to other IT services at UiO, like Feide and Canvas. 

Closing the user account and archiving the home disk and e-mail

Closing accounts happens in to phases: First, your user account is suspended. A month after this, your account will be shut down. This means that the content of the home disk and e-mail account will be moved to the backup system at UiO and your user account will no longer be available. If you have a home page at UiO (, this will also disappear.

If you have a strong need to access and export your data after the user account has been shut down, contact student IT. NB! The backup of the home disk will be deleted after a short period of time. 

I am coming back to study at UiO

You will still have the same user name that you had before taking a break from your studies. If you are coming back to study, your user name will be reactivated and you will receive general access to the UiO IT services. You can set up a new password the regular way, by using password services.

If you are coming back to UiO after a longer absence, your e-mails and files will have been deleted and will not be available when logging in to your account. Contact student IT to check if your files are still in the backup system, but also these files are deleted after a short while.

I have stopped working at UiO

  1. A few days after you quit, you will receive an e-mail from UiO that says that your account will be blocked in 30 days.
  2. After 30 days, your account will be blocked with a quarantine.
  3. 30 days after your account has been blocked, your account will be deleted from the IT systems.
  4. 90 days after your account has been deleted, all backup of files in your home disk will be deleted and it is not possible to retrieve files after this time.

How do I access IT services after I finish working at UiO?

To access IT services at UiO, you must have a valid association with UiO. Read more about guest accounts.


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