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Autotekst – automatic transcription for speech to text

What is Autotekst?

Autotekst-logoen is a tool to automatically transcribe speech to text by using Google Speech to Text technology.

The service is mainly used to get captions to videos. It simplifies the process of subtitling videos by giving you a starting point, with synchronized text to the sound.


Autotekst can also be used to transcribe audio files, like recordings done with the service Nettskjema Dictaphone.

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What can be sent and stored in Autotekst?

Guidelines for using Autotekst

  • Free usage for UiOs employees and students
  • The service should only be used for data owned by UiO
  • Don't hesitate to contact us if you plan to auto-generate text to a large amount of sound files.

Points of contact

Questions and inquiries mey be directed to