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You must familiarize yourself with the rules that apply to exam support materials and the use of sources and citation. If you violate the rules, you may be suspected of cheating or attempted cheating.

Cheating is a violation of academic integrity. Academic integrity means being honest in respect of thoughts and reflections that are one's own and those borrowed from the work of others, so that your work can be verified.

You may be suspected of cheating or attempted cheating if you:

  • fail to provide information about sources
  • give the impression that a paper is more independent than it actually is
  • use support materials or assistants that are not allowed

Consequences of cheating

The consequence of cheating or attempted cheating may be the annulment of examinations, exclusion from the University of Oslo and loss of right to sit examinations at other universities and university colleges in Norway for up to one year.

What constitutes cheating on assignments?

Failure to properly cite sources or highlight quotes in any assignments that are handed in is considered cheating.

Plagiarism check

The program URKUND is used to detect copying in handed-in assignments. URKUND can check papers against online resources, various text databases and other submitted assignments.

What constitutes cheating on written exams?

Using support materials with written exams is considered cheating  unless it is explicitly stated in the exam question that this is permitted. Having access to illegal support materials can also be considered cheating even if they are not used.

All communication between candidates in the premises is prohibited. Contact with other candidates or other persons during trips to the lavatory and breaks is also prohibited.

Mobile phones and other electronic equipment must be turned off and packed away.

Administrative procedures for suspected cheating

UiO has established routines for handling cases involving suspicion of cheating or attempted cheating. The description of these routines also includes information on the rights of students who are suspected of cheating or attempted cheating.

The University of Oslo's Appeals Committee makes decisions in cases involving suspected cheating or attempted cheating. The committee determines the sanctions to be implemented in each case. The Appeals Committee's decision may be appealed to a national appeals committee.


Contact the faculty's information centre.


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