Taking a digital oral exam or Master's thesis defense

Before the exam

You will receive the Zoom meeting link for your digital oral exam (or digital Master's thesis defense) in advance.

Click on the Zoom meeting link a few minutes before the scheduled start of the exam, then click Open Zoom Meetings and Join with video. You will now be placed in a "digital waiting room" until the examiner/grader lets you in to the meeting room.

Remember to turn off other software or equipment at home that use broadband (downloads/streaming, etc.) and see these tips for improving your home network. And to avoid being distracted during the exam, close all other windows, tabs and applications and log out of applications that send you notifications, for example Facebook or Teams.

During the exam

Turn on the camera and take the exam as you normally would. Remember the formal requirements and preparations.

You can share your screen or use a digital blackboard. Inform your examiner in advance, or request during the exam that the examiner allow you to share your screen.

If you lose your internet connection at home, you can use internet-sharing via your mobile phone as a backup solution.

Audience for Master's thesis defense

If your faculty allows audiences to attend Master's thesis defenses, it is your decision as exam candidate whether to have an audience, and if so who to invite. This must be discussed and agreed upon between you and your department in advance of the exam.

The Zoom meeting link should not be openly published or shared on the web, as this drastically increases the chances for Zoom bombing, where unwanted participants join a meeting or lecture.

If an audience is not allowed during the round of questioning the audience will be asked to leave Zoom.

The audience will not be able to turn on their microphone or camera during the exam, as this can cause distractions.

At the end of the exam

When your exam is finished you will receive a grade. You may be required to wait in the digital waiting room while the grader(s) discuss your grade. You must not leave or close the Zoom meeting, but have to wait to be let in to the meeting room again.

When you have received your grade the exam is finished. Remember, if you want to request a grade explanation upon receiving your grade, this must be done immediately.

Leave Zoom by clicking on Leave in the bottom right corner of the Zoom window. Confirm by clicking on Leave Meeting in the popup window.



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Published May 27, 2020 1:24 PM - Last modified Jan. 4, 2022 11:48 AM