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Resit an examination at The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Do I qualify for a resit examination?

Some courses offer a resit examination in the following semester for students who fail or who withdraw during an ordinary examination. The course description provides information about whether your course offers a resit examination or not. NB! You do not qualify for a resit examination if you fail to attend the exam, or if you do not hand in an exam paper without formally withdrawing.

A resit examination will not be offered for resit examinations. In such cases, you have to wait until the next ordinary examination.

In some cases, a resit examination can be given in another form than that of the ordinary exam. For instance, it may be given as an oral examination, even though the ordinary examination was a written one. Students to whom this applies will be notified by e-mail about one week before the examination.

When and where do I sign up for a resit examination?

See how and when to register for a resit examination in Studentweb.

Special needs?

If you have been granted adaptation of ordinary examinations, you will normally receive the same adaptation if you  resit an examination.


If you have further questions, please contact the student information centre at The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

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