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MN-student: Register for a postponed exam or to resit an examination

Students at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences register for a postponed exam or to resit an examination in Studentweb.

In order to register for a postponed exam, you must have a valid reason for not attending an ordinary exam. See guidelines and valid reasons to apply for a postponed exam spring 20.

Log on Studentweb

  • Log on Studentweb. Click Registration in the left menu.
  • If you have not confirmed your education plan, do this by controlling/updating the information that is shown in the window.
  • Click on Register for teaching and examinations in the left hand menu.
  • Click on the Add course-link.
  • Fill out the field Course code for the course you wish to register for, and click Find.
  • A new space will be shown in the window. Mark Choose to the left hand side of the course code and click Add chosen course.
  • A new window will appear. Check Examination and choose e.g. 2011-Spring-K... under Semester. Click Save.
  • Should you wish to register for a postponed exam or to resit a examination (new exam) in several courses, click Add course and follow the above guidelines once more. If not, log out of Studentweb.

When can I register for an exam?

  • The deadline for registration in January is approximately one week before the postponed or new examination is held, usually between January 5-10.
  • In August the deadline for registration is before the first weekend in August.
  • The deadline for withdrawing from a postponed or to resit an examination (new exam) is the same date as the deadline for registering a postponed exam or to resit an examination.

Time and place

  • For courses with the final examination in the autumn semester, postponed examinations will be held in January.
  • For courses with the final examination in the spring semester, postponed written home examinations will begin Thursday and Friday (morning and afternoon) the week before teaching begins in August.
  • Some courses will hold oral examinations instead of written examination. If a course changes the examination form from written to oral examination, this will be made known by the end of week 32. 
  • The examination venue will be listed on Studentweb 4–5 days before the examination.


Contact the information centre at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

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