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Check that your computer meets the technical requirements

Do you have access to Inspera?

Log on to Inspera with your UiO username and password by selecting Login with Feide.

When taking the exam, log on to Inspera with your UiO-username and password. It is important to check that you have logged on to

You log on by choosing Login with FEIDE.

You can check that your username and password are working by logging on to

Missing your password?
You can reset it via  SMS if your phone number is registered.

Forgotten your username?
You can search for your name in UiO's person search. You can also find your username in UiO's Password services.

See also overview of possible solutions to login or access problems.

Do you have the correct browser?

Inspera supports the two latest versions of the following browsers:

See Inspera's web pages for more information about the operating systems and browsers that are supported.

Do you have Internet access?

You need access to the Internet to take an exam in Inspera.

The quality of your Internet at home is crucial to the use of video conferencing and interaction tools. Read our Home Networking Tips. (currently in Norwegian)

Do you have a writing program?

For submissions in Inspera, you will need access to a writing program to write assignments.

Office 365, which includes Microsoft Word, is offered to UiO students. You can install it on your own private computer. Guides to installing and using Office 365.

Do you have a PDF reader?

Most computers have a program installed that can open PDF files. If you can't open a PDF file by double clicking it, you can download and install Acrobat Reader.