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Familiarize yourself with Inspera

Get to know the interface

The design of your exam may vary based on the exam type and settings chosen.

Long Form Assignments

In long form assignments, the answer must be written directly in Inspera's text tool. In addition to text, you can insert bullet points, tables, equations and drawings in the answer.

File uploading

For file upload submissions you upload a document to Inspera. This means that you write your answer in e.g. MS Word and convert it to PDF before you upload it.

Video Case

In some cases a video case may be a part of your exam.

Options for hand drawings

It's possible to use Inspera's own built-in fuctions, formula functions in MS Word, upload a picture, use MS Paint and other solutions, to create hand drawings.

Demo tests and training events

Take demo tests in Inspera to get to know the system. In addition, some faculties offer their own training for their students.


Contact the Information Centre at your faculty.