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You can share your results digitally instead of ordering a transcript on paper.

Share your results digitally from the Diploma Registry

  • The Diploma Registry is a public service that provides the ability for those with higher education to share their results (subjects and degrees) digitally with others if they wish to.
  • If you are no longer a student, you can log in with the ID-portal.
  • If your employer, place of study abroad, or others require your transcript from the University of Oslo, you can share your results from the Diploma Registry instead of sending a transcript on paper.

Log in to Diploma Registry

More information about the Diploma Registry

Order a transcript on paper

  • The transcript will be sent to your semester address. You can update your address in Studentweb when you order the transcript.
  • The transcript may be issued in English and/or Norwegian, but you will only be issued one copy in each language.
  • If you are registered for an examination, you can indicate that you wish to receive a transcript when the exam result is ready.
  • Transcripts are normally issued three to four days after ordering. You will not be able to order a new transcript until 7 days after a previous order. When your transcript is sent, you will receive a message in Studentweb.
  • A transcript will contain the courses you have passed at UiO, cf. Regulations governing studies and examinations at the University of Oslo ยง 8.2 (1).

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Diploma on paper

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Grading system

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