Exchange with Nordplus and Nordlys

For exchange in the Nordic countries you can apply through the Nordplus programme, or the Nordlys network. Students who exchange through Nordplus and Nordlys can apply for a grant. 

Who can apply?


  • You must be a degree student at UiO.
  • You must have completed 60 ECTS credits before the exchange semester.
  • Some agreements may have additional requirements.

The grant awarded may change from year to year, depending on the number of applicants. Contact the student adviser at your faculty if you have questions about the grant. The student is required to be present on campus at the partner institution abroad for the duration of the semester. 

Who can apply?


You can apply for exchange through Nordlys:

  • if your faculty or institute does not have a Nordplus partner.
  • if you want non-standard course combinations.
  • if you want courses not offered at UiO.

You will get information about the grant after you have received an offer through Nordlys. 

The Nordlys grant will depend on the number of applicants, but is currently 200 euros per month. One semester is usually considered to be five months. In some cases you may also be awarded a travel grant, and this grant will depend on your destination.  

For some partner institutions, the student will receive an Erasmus grant instead of a Nordlys grant. 

The student is required to be present on campus at the partner institution abroad for the duration of the semester. 

Apply for exchange

More on Nordplus and Nordlys

Nordplus is the Nordic Council of Ministers' programme for student and staff exchange in higher education. The faculties and institutes own the Nordplus agreements, and you can only exchange within the network that your faculty or institute is part of.

In SøknadsWeb, you can apply for the Nordplus agreements listed under your faculty.

Nordlys is an option if you want to exchange to a Nordic country where your faculty or institute does not have an agreement. Nordlys is the largest network within the Nordplus programme, and aims to increase student exchange between the Nordic countries. 

Due to limited funding in the Nordlys network, students who have applied previously will not be prioritised. 

In SøknadsWeb, you will find the Nordlys agreements listed under UiO university-wide agreements. 

See Nordplus and Nordlys agreements at UiO.

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