Types of agreements

UiO has more than 800 agreements all over the world. Some are part of exchange programmes with student grants, such as Erasmus+ and Nordplus, while others are bilateral agreements both with and without tuition fees.  

Agreements at three levels

The agreements at UiO are organised at three levels; university-wide agreements, faculty level agreements, and institute level agreements. 

University-wide: the agreements at institutional level are open to students from all fields of study. There may be some limitations for students on programmes of professional study. The university-wide agreements can be both tuition based and tuition free.

Faculty level: the agreements at faculty level are usually limited to students from programmes within the faculty, but can sometimes be open to other students.

Institute level: agreements limited to students from one or more programmes within the institute. 

Grant programmes

Erasmus+ agreements  are made at both faculty and institute level. You must complete 30 ECTS credits before you can apply for exchange with Erasmus+. You can receive a grant through this programme and the grant amount is based on destination, and duration of the exchange semester. 

Nordplus/Nordlys is the Nordic Council of Ministers' programme for student and staff exchange in higher education. The grant amount depends on the number of applicants, destination, and duration of the exchange semester. The faculties and institutes own the Nordplus agreements, while Nordlys agreements are university-wide.

Bilateral agreements are agreements with universities outside Europe and are made at all three levels. You must complete 60 ECTS credits before you can apply for exchange through bilateral agreements. Some bilateral agreements are tuition free for UiO students, while others charge a tuition fee. See the agreement page for more information.   

Published Dec. 20, 2019 9:03 AM - Last modified July 6, 2020 1:50 PM