Chinese Culture and Society (programme option)

How can we observe and study cultural, social, and political trends in contemporary China and Greater China? What can historical and literary sources tell us about Chinese tradition, philosophy, and religious ideas? And how should we understand the relationship between Chinese tradition and modernity?

The programme option is part of the programme

Asia and Middle East Studies (master's two years)

Employment opportunities

  • stensdal-iselin-200x254 Researcher

    “Choose a subject according to your interests and abilities - and you will get a job when you have completed your studies,” recommends Iselin Stensdal, who is a Researcher at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute and has a Master’s degree in Chinese Studies.

  • oksenvag-oystein-200x232 Adviser for East-Asian languages and language options

    Humanities specialists have some of the most varied and interesting careers – because our studies enable us to work in practically all fields, Øystein N. Øksenvåg says. He has a master’s degree in East Asian Studies and works at the Foreign Language Centre.