Why choose this programme option?

How can we observe and study cultural, social, and political trends in contemporary China and Greater China? What can historical and literary sources tell us about Chinese tradition, philosophy, and religious ideas? And how should we understand the relationship between Chinese tradition and modernity?


Chinese Culture and Society (CHICS) offers a unique opportunity to engage with key aspects of Chinese culture, history, society and politics, under the guidance of world leading scholars on the field.

In the first semester you will be introduced to advanced methodologies in China studies. You then have the option to immerse yourself in subjects related to Chinese cultures and histories, the 3000-year old Chinese heritage, as well as China’s entry into modernity. Or you may choose to expand your understanding of the Chinese political system and Chinese societies, their paths of development and current challenges, and the evolving position of China in the world. You may also add a comparative East Asian perspective or relate your studies to other relevant disciplines.

Throughout your studies you will use and further develop your language skills by reading and analyzing various types of Chinese sources. You will engage with relevant theories and research methodologies ranging from fieldwork to philological studies and the use of libraries, archives, and databases.

CHICS aims to raise students' international profile both with a view to the academic and non-academic job market. You are therefore highly encouraged to spend parts of your master studies abroad: Apply for the exciting INTPART exchange program with Zhejiang University, in which you can focus on questions pertaining to the environment in China, opt for one semester working in an organization, business or foreign affairs office in China or choose to study at one of our many excellent partner universities around the world.
Published June 27, 2018 2:28 PM - Last modified May 22, 2019 2:56 PM