Semester abroad

Parts of your Master's degree may be taken abroad. You can choose to take courses at an accredited foreign university, and/or you can do fieldwork in relation to your Master's thesis.

When can I go?

If you would like to study abroad, we highly recommend that you do this during your third semester. 

Where can I go?



If your language of specialization is Japanese, you may consider the following universities for your semester abroad:

If your language of specialization is Korean, you may consider the following university for your semester abroad:

The International Project Semester (InterPro) is a golden opportunity to get working experience while doing your Master's degree.

Other possibilites

Fieldwork should be carried out in your third semester. The possibility of doing fieldwork is something that you should discuss with your supervisor.

How do I apply?

Please refer to the links above and contact the department for any questions:

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