Career opportunities

The society expresses an increasing demand for knowledge within Biosciences, and new areas of application are developed continously. A Master’s in Bioscience will make you a knowledgeable and valuable candidate within your chosen discipline. There is a wide range of potential employers within research and management, both within the public and the private sector.

Public sector

  • Positions as scientist at hospitals, universities, university colleges, research institutes, for example Oslo University Hospital, Institute for Public Health, NINA, NIVA, The Polar Institute, The Institute for Marine Research, Aquateam.
  • Management positions within health, nature and environment, or corresponding at the municipality, county or in agencies at the national level.
  • By adding a year of practical-pedagogic studies, you may also qualify as a school teacher or for teaching at university colleges.

Private sector

  • Private biotech companies as scientist or consultant
  • Consulting firms, particularly for environmental issues
  • Pharmaceutical companies as consultant, with clinical trials
  • Marine farming
  • Scientist, environmental manager, consultant in private or publically owned companies
  • Media/publishing companies.
  • Consultant in organizations and trusts as WWF, Bellona and Greenpeace

PhD studies, becoming a scientist

A Master’s may open up for a scientific career through PhD studies in Natural Sciences at the University of Oslo or another university in Norway or abroad. Most general universities carry out research related to the knowledge obtained through Master studies at Department of Biosciences.

From studies to employment

The Career Services can provide:

  • Career counseling
  • Help with your CV, cover letter and preparations for the job interview

The Career Services at UiO

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