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Learning outcomes

The Master of Philosopy in Comparative and International Education (CIE) aims at providing students with a solid foundation for understanding the interrelationship between education and development. This includes conceptual understandings deriving from the pertinent approaches, theories and paradigms that have influenced the field of CIE; and contextual understandings of important educational issues, and reform and changes of education systems in different parts of the world.

Upon completion of the programme, you should be able to


  • Understand and apply concepts, components or frameworks deriving from central theories, paradigms and approaches that have influenced the field of CIE
  • Analyse specific issues that are pertinent to development and change of education systems in their societal contexts at macro, meso and/or micro levels
  • Understand and analyse interrelationships between education and societal development processes and their manifestations in international and national policies and practices


  • Demonstrate a capacity to identify a pertinent research issue within the field of CIE
  • Demonstrate a capacity to analyse a specific issue comparatively, applying appropriate theories and methods, contributing to the general knowledge of the field
  • Demonstrate a capacity to present an issue in a focused manner in written and oral form, applying appropriate academic rules and procedures


  • Document analytical competencies in major areas of the field of CIE
  • Communicate and discuss research-based knowledge in the field of CIE with professionals and non-Professionals
  • Contribute in critical ways to the development of the field of CIE
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