Career opportunities

In combination with other education, the one-year programme can provide you with valuable extra competence. The one-year programme is not a formal degree.

The road to a bachelor's degree

The courses you take during the one-year programme can be used in a bachelor's degree programme, provided that the courses fit into the academic profile of the programme. Courses from the one-year programme can also be used in a freely combined bachelor's degree.

If you consider applying for admission to a bachelor's degree programme after you have taken the one-year programme, you should consider the structure of the bachelor's degree programme before you decide which courses to choose during the one-year programme. If you are admitted to a bachelor's degree programme, you may also apply for credit transfer of previous education.

The university's other one-year programmes, bachelor's degree programmes, five-year master's degree programmes and professional programmes are taught in Norwegian. Applicants must meet the Norwegian and English language requirements.

Further studies

When you have obtained a bachelor's degree, you can continue your studies at master's level. For information on admission, application deadlines and application process for master's degree programmes, see "Admission" in the programme description of the relevant master's degree programme. 

From studies to employment

The Career Services can provide:

  • Career counseling
  • Help with your CV, cover letter and preparations for the job interview

The Career Services at UiO

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