Programme structure

In this programme you may choose courses to expand previous education, or you can start building a new education.

Student guidance

For information on the application process and the application requirements, contact the International Student Reception

Register for courses

After you have been admitted to the programme, you register for courses in the university's student portal, Studentweb. Information on how to register for courses will be published no later than 1 August 2022

Prerequisite knowledge

Courses may require prior knowledge. If you do not already qualify, you have to pass one or more courses before you can continue on another course. This may influence the order in which you can register for these courses. See the course page for information on prerequisite knowledge.

Norwegian courses for international students

As a part of the one-year program, students can choose to attend Norwegian courses for international students offered by the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies. 

In addition, the department offers a Norwegian life and Society course to international students, which gives some insight into Norwegian way of life and Norwegian identity. 

Course options for beginners: 

  • NORINT0110: This is a full level 1 course taught on campus with in-person attendance. Students who passes the exam can register for a level 2 course next semester.

The following courses gives an introduction to Norwegian, but do not qualify for the level 2  course:

  • NORINT0105M (Introduction to Norwegian): This is an online self-study course with 4 on-campus seminars before the written exam. 
  • NORINT0106M (Introduction to Norwegian 2): This is an online self-study course with 4 on-campus seminars that builds up on NORINT0105M course.  This course starts after students take their exam in NORINT0105M.

Registration deadline for all courses is 18th August 2022. 

For more information, read here

If you have any questions regarding Norwegian courses for international students, please contact The Student Information Centre at the Faculty of Humanities.

Courses in culture, languages and social sciences

The lists of available courses might be extended with more courses in early August 2022

Courses at the Faculty of Humanities

Courses at the Faculty of Law

Courses at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Courses at Faculty of Educational Sciences

The following courses have prerequisites, please contact the Student Information Centre at at the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

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