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Selected program requirements (visible to UiO employees only)

Available places


Required specialization

Bachelor's degree

You must have a bachelor’s degree comparable to a Norwegian bachelor’s degree.

Required specialization and minimum grade requirement

You must have a minimum grade average comparable to a Norwegian C in the required specialization. A Norwegian C is described as a good grade, generally comparable to an American B and a Second Class Upper in the British system. We do not use conversion tables for foreign grades. All foreign education is individually evaluated during the admission process.

Please note that eligible applicants who fulfill the minimum grade requirement will compete for a study place. Please see the section on ranking for more information on selection criteria.

The required specialization consists of 80 ECTS credits in informatics, including 30 ECTS credits from foundation level courses (1000-level courses), and 20 ECTS credits from advanced level courses (2000- and 3000-courses), of which must include:

  • 30 ECTS credits in programming, including 6 credits  within algorithms.

The following courses from the University of Oslo fulfill the of 30 credits requirements in:


IN1000 – Introduction to Object-oriented Programming/INF1000 – Introduction to object-oriented programming (continued) or IN1900 – Introduction to Programming with Scientific Applications/IN-KJM1900 – Introduction to Programming for Chemists/INF1100 – Introduction to programming with scientific applications (continued)

IN1010 – Object-oriented Programming/INF1010 – Object oriented programming (continued) or IN1910 – Programming with Scientific Applications

IN2030 – Project in Programming/INF2100 – Programming project (continued)

IN2040 – Functional programming/INF2810 – Functional Programming (continued)

IN3030 – Efficient Parallel Programming/INF3110 – Programming Languages (continued)

IN3130 – Algorithms: Design and Efficiency/INF3331 – Problemløsning med høynivå-språk (continued)


IN2010 – Algorithms and Data Structures/INF2220 – Algorithms and Data Structures (continued) or

Applicants from the University of Oslo who have completed one of the following programmes qualify for admission to this programme option: Informatics: Programming and NetworkInformatics: Programming and Systems architecture, or Informatics: Digital Economics and Leadership.

Applicants who previously qualified for the programme options Software and Distributed systems and Network qualify for admission to this programme until 2024. The previous required specialization were

  • 30 ECTS credits programming with at least one course in algorithms

Although not a formal requirement, please be aware that experience with Unix or Linux operating systems, as well as programming in C or C ++, is recommended.

Further documentation for this program

If you have completed studies/courses outside the University of Oslo, you must upload course descriptions. The course names and codes on the course descriptions must match the transcript of records.

Ranking of applicants

Selection is based on your academic performance in the required subjects for this programme.