Why choose this programme?

The programme has a focus on robotics systems and embedded systems. Especially on how to make such systems more intelligent and adaptable using programming, machine learning and other methods based in informatics. This programme will as such cover the competence needed in today's industry.

There's a great demand for candidates with a background in the combination of programming, hardware design and embedded systems, while one simultaneously see new jobs and innovation within robotics, autonomous and intelligent systems. This study aims to create technologists that master practical implementation, while also being strong on theory.

The master programme has an interdiciplinary character and builds on elements from informatics, electronics, mathematics and physics. It has two areas of specialisation and gives to chance to focus within chosen areas within artificial intelligence, digital and embedded systems, robotics, cybernetics and autonomous systems.

Study environment

Prior to the start of tuition in August we welcome you to 3 days of mandatory tuition and different social events. Use this occation to get to know your fellow students better both socially and professionally, get more information about your field of study, courses, researche and how to chose your master thesis. The master student got the possibility to sit in the same floor where their supervisor and academic community got their offices.

The student union Mikro got events aims towards student takeing the Informatics: robotics and intelligent systems programme.

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