Learning outcomes

With a master's degree in Informatics: information security, you gain specialized expertise in data security. You can reflect on central ethical and scientific issues in relation to your own and others' work. You have developed a professional curiosity and have an understanding and respect for scientific and professional values such as openness, precision and the importance of distinguishing between knowledge and opinions.


You have thorough knowledge of methods and techniques throughout the subject area:

  • knowledge of theory, methods and techniques in information security
  • knowledge of scientific methods for planning and conducting research projects
  • knowledge of legal requirements as well as social and ethical challenges

You have advanced knowledge in one or more areas of information security:

  • knowledge of cryptography and network security
  • knowledge of security management and incident response
  • knowledge of security in software and operating systems
  • knowledge of data security and secure system development
  • knowledge of privacy and data protection

You have special insight and expertise in a chosen specialization in information security.


You can analyze system security:

  • collect, understand and analyze descriptions of IT systems and set requirements for their security
  • investigate security incidents
  • test and evaluate security in systems and networks

You can develop secure systems:

  • use methods for planning and designing secure systems
  • apply techniques and tools for secure system deployment and operation
  • perform continuous testing, assessment and updating of system security

General competence

You can expand and apply your knowledge in new areas:

  • have a basis for updating the knowledge according to developments in your field
  • teach and provide information on information security

You can work independently and in teams:

  • plan, execute and complete security work and projects independently and in teams
  • communicate and discuss professional information security issues with other experts
  • collaborate within and outside your own organization, and be able to lead security projects
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