Why choose this programme?

Would you like to work with cyber security, ethical hacking, incident response, encryption or IT risk management? Do you want to understand the principles and technologies of Internet and system security? With a master's degree in information security you will know what it takes to build secure IT systems, how security technologies work, and managing information security in organizations.

Content of the study

Cyber ​​security is defined at the highest national political level as a priority area for strengthening the security of our national ICT-infrastructure. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have a legal requirement that IT systems should be built and managed in accordance with the principles of embedded privacy and information security. To meet this requirement, it is necessary for all IT-professionals and IT-experts to be aware of information security and to have an understanding of basic information security principles, just as building architects must have the necessary knowledge and skills to design buildings with adequate fire safety.

This master's degree makes you an expert in IT security. You will gain the competence to plan and design security systems as an integral part of the entire design process, from programming, testing and in operation. You will learn to manage information security work in companies and organizations, and deal with legal requirements as well as social and ethical challenges.

This programme provides you with a solid theoretical foundation as well as practical knowledge. You learn methods and techniques for safe operation and maintenance of computer systems as well as prevention of cyber attacks.

You can choose between four different specializations: 

  • Cryptography
  • Secure Systems Development
  • Cyber and Network Security
  • Information Security Management

Through the specialization, you can further refine your expertise, whether it is in Blockchain technology, design of security systems or advanced cryptology. Regardless of which specialization you choose, you will be able to put together a theoretical syllabus and choose the topic of your master's thesis based on your own professional interests.

Through the work of writing a master's thesis, you will also learn to work independently and to organize and plan your own work within specific deadlines. You will learn to write and work with scientific material and collaborate with others on research questions and academic issues in the field of computer science. You will be able to convey your own work and to acquire and relate to the feedback you receive.

Through this master's programme you gain expertise that is in high demand in today's job market.

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Study environment

Before the classes start in August, we welcome you to three days of compulsory teaching and various social events. Take the opportunity to become better acquainted with fellow students academically and socially, get more information about your study programme, topics, research and how to choose your master's thesis.

You can also choose to join one of the 200 student societies at the university.

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