Programme structure

The course of study consists of a total of 120 ECTS credits:

  1. Introduction to Nordic music
    • Compulsory courses, 20 credits
  2. Thesis Seminar in Musicology
  3. Research methodologies, Specialization or semester abroad/at other Nordic institution
    • Elective courses or semester abroad, 30 credits
  4. Master´s thesis
    • Master´s thesis, 60 credits

Recommended course of study

4. semester MUS4092 – Master's Thesis in Nordic Music
3. semester Optional course / semester abroad MUS4092 – Master's Thesis in Nordic Music
2. semester Optional course MUS4227 – Research Methodologies in Musicology MUS4092 – Master's Thesis in Nordic Music
1. semester MUS4226 - Thesis Seminar in Musicology
  10 credits 10 credits 10 credits

The first two semesters builds the methodological and theoretical basis for independent work on your master's thesis.

Introduction, first semester

Compulsory courses

Specialization and Master thesis, second and third semester

Second semester:

MUS4227 – Research Methodologies in Musicology (10 credits) Elective course (10 credits) and Master thesis (10 credits).

Third semester:

Semester abroad/other Nordic countries/other institution, or elective course (10 credits) and Master thesis (20 credits). 

    Elective courses (20 credits)

    You may choose one additional course from the list below:

    It is possible to apply for recognition of 10 credits taken in other subjects when these can be seen as relevant for the candidate’s subject area for the dissertation. This form (pdf, in Norwegian)  must be filled out and sent to the programme advisor if you wish to do so.

    Thesis preparation, third semester

    Elective course and Master Thesis

    Thesis, fourth semester

    Diploma and degree

    The diploma is issued when you have completed the courses that meet the requirements for a degree. Read more about diplomas.

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