Consultant in the Public Affairs Unit

Ida Marie Fottland works for Geelmuyden.Kiese with communication strategies and creative design.

Photo: Geelmuyden.Kiese

Ida Marie Fottland encourages everyone to be active in student assiciations.

How did you get your current job?

I applied for the position. Both the application and the interview processes were different from other positions I had applied for and very extensive. I put a lot of work and effort into it, and got the job.

What did you write about in your master’s thesis?

My thesis was about Norwegian defence policy.

What are your main responsibilities?

It is difficult to say what my main tasks are, as I do a lot of different things in my job. I do everything from designing communication strategies for large corporations, to making creative designs for various campaigns. I often serve as a manager on such projects.

What kind of project are you working on right now?

Currently I am a project manager in Geelmuyden.Kiese’s NGO Group.

How do you use your education from PECOS in your job?

Through PECOS I developed a general interest in societal development and what goes on around me. I still have this interest, obviously.

The programme also taught me how to acquire large amounts of information and how to think critically. This is transferable to any subsequent job. I also notice that my special expertise in certain conflict areas comes in handy, especially when we are working on NGOs.

In addition, in-depth knowledge of government decision making processes is very important in the work I do. This is knowledge I use every day.

What are your best tips for students who want to be attractive on the labor market?

Get in honorary positions and be active in student associations- and organizations. Take on relevant seasonal and part-time jobs.

I also recommend you to go abroad as exchange students.

Regarding both my job and business in general, doing well in your studies is important. But it is actually the experience besides your studies that counts, because that is what makes you stand out from the crowd.


Published Nov. 13, 2013 4:26 PM