We will provide a topical and relevant education, with the best possible teaching and guidance. Therefore, it is important that you as a student contribute with feedback and participate in the evaluation of the studies.

The study program is regularly evaluated to ensure and develop the quality of the program.

Evaluation of the studies

Periodic programme evaluation


Periodic Evaluation of the Master Programme "Peace and Conflict Studies" 2021

Response to the Periodic programme evaluation 2015

Periodic evaluation of the master program “Peace and Conflict Studies» 2015

Self-evaluation of the MA Programme 2014

Periodisk programevaluering 2006 (text in Norwegian)

Periodic evaluation of courses

Other evaluations

Studiekvalitetsrapporter 2008, 2009, 2010 (text in Norwegian)

Egenevaluering 2009 (text in Norwegian)

Egenevaluering 2006 (text in Norwegian)

Tilsynssensors rapport 2007-2008 (text in Norwegian)

Tilsynssensors rapport 2006 (text in Norwegian)

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