Programme structure

Recommended study plan for students admitted the fall 2020 or later

4. semester PECOS4096 – Master's Thesis
3. semester PECOS4081 – Design Seminar PECOS4096 – Master's Thesis Optional course
2. semester Core course* Optional course Optional course
1. semester PECOS4021 – Research Methods PECOS4022 – Applied Statistics for Peace and Conflict Studies PECOS4010 – Conflict and state building
  10 ECT credits 10 ECT credits 10 ECT credits
* Note that at least one of the freely chosen courses in 2nd and 3rd semester must be one of the Core courses.

Mandatory courses

The following courses are mandatory: 

You must be assigned a supervisor before you can take either PECOS4081 – Design Seminar or PECOS4096 – Master's Thesis. The fourth semester is devoted to your work with your master’s thesis.

Core courses

In addition to the mandatory courses above, you must choose PECOS4010 – Conflict and state building and one of the following core courses, or two of the following courses.

Optional courses

Peace and conflict studies

Political Science

Admission to external courses

It is possible to take the optional courses at other Departments/Faculties at UiO or other Universities/University colleges in Norway.


The individual supervision of your master's thesis spans two semesters, and two semesters only. You and your supervisor will normally meet approximately ten times during the course of these two semesters.

Teaching and learning methods

The teaching methods at the programme are based on lectures, seminars and workshops.

Forms of examination and assessments

Examination forms at the programme are mainly written, invigilated exams and term paper assignments. The evaluation of the thesis is based on an assessment of the written thesis as well as an oral examination, during which the students will have the opportunity to defend the thesis.

Diploma and degree

This programme leads to the following degree: Master of Philosophy in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Diploma and degree

This programme leads to the following degree: Master of Philosophy in Peace and Conflict Studies
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